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Kari Kivistö

Kari is a seasoned technical automation expert, a true global citizen hailing from Pirkanmaa, Finland. Throughout his career, Kari has contributed to numerous automation projects, both domestically and internationally, covering a broad spectrum of responsibilities including product development, implementation, training, and maintenance. He possesses profound expertise in PLC programming, proficient with all mainstream tools, particularly B&R and Melsec. When it comes to design, Eplan is his preferred software.

ceo, business developer

Tiina Lakkaneva

Tiina ensures in the background that the processes work and the train moves. Tiina is a very experienced facilitator and she is responsible for, among other things, kick-offs of collaboration projects and evaluation workshops.

You can explore Tiina’s other services on the FinnoFlow website at 


Iita Lakkaneva

Iita is our “artistic director” – she gets the pixels and fonts in place and colors of the user interfaces for this millenium.

eager, new learner

Miro Loisa

Miro is a spry young electrician, almost a graduate automation engineer. He is ready to learn new things and take on challenges.


Mikko Liehu

Mikko is our trusted electrician, the best of his profession, top class.


Elmation Oy

Elmation Oy specializes in the electrification of industrial equipment and is a partner to leading global industrial manufacturers. 
Elmation Oy is the primary switchgear manufacturer for Finno Solutions Oy.

Formek Engineering Oy

Formek Engineering Oy is an engineering office based in Pirkanmaa. With entrepreneur Jani Mäkipää, we work in close collaboration in the implementation of mechanical solutions.

Denovo Oy

Denovo Oy is our important partner for large-scale automation projects.
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