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Kari Kivistö

Kari is a highly experienced technical automation professional, a real citizen of the world born and bred in Pirkanmaa, Finland. During his career, Kari has worked in various automation projects both in Finland and abroad, with duties ranging from product development to deployment, training and maintenance. Kari is skilled in PLC programming with all the common tools, especially B&R and Melsec. For design, his tool-of-choice is Eplan.

Tiina Lakkaneva

Tiina is responsible for kicking off collaboration projects and keeping an eye on their progress. Tiina is a highly experienced facilitator specialized in virtual and hybrid meetings.



Mikko Liehu

Mikko is Finno Solutions Oy’s most trusted electrician – and the fastest and most efficient in the world. For Mikko, no task is too big or small, and he always carries out his duties resourcefully and independently. As a son of a farmer, ‘multi-skilled’ is his middle name.

Tapani Smått

Expertise in plastics runs in Tapani’s family – his grandfather Kyösti was a pioneer of the Finnish plastics industry, and father Rauno also had an extensive career in the field. Now Tapani is involved in advancing the Finnish circular economy for plastic in multiple sectors.

Sami Karhunen

Our expert engineering fitter Sami has acquired demonstrated experience in engineering both in Finland and from odd jobs abroad. His strengths include innovativeness and problem-solving.


Elmation Oy

Elmation Oy specializes in the electrification of industrial equipment and is a partner to leading global industrial manufacturers. 
Elmation Oy is the primary switchgear manufacturer for Finno Solutions Oy.

Formek Engineering Oy

Formek Engineering Oy is an engineering office based in Pirkanmaa. With entrepreneur Jani Mäkipää, we work in close collaboration in the implementation of mechanical solutions.

Denovo Oy

Denovo Oy is our important partner for large-scale automation projects.
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